Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development module, MSc Advanced Computing (Mobile Computing)

As university give the opportunily to their students to select an module from onther master course in the University, I took the opportunity to take Mobile Applications Development module from Master Advanced Computing (Mobile Computing). As my back ground is on Computer Science. As Mobile technology became more and more important, It is not any more a fiction, to have a device, like your pc in your pocket or in your bag. This course runs on Sping semester so I do not have any expereinece.
From the Handbook
2.1 Overview
This module focuses on developing an understanding of a mobile application development platform, techniques (e. g. Objective-C, J2ME, Google Android) and languages (e. g. Objective-C, Java) used in developing mobile applications.

On completion of this unit, students should be able to demonstrate:

• be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the technologies that enable mobile applications.
• be able to demonstrate the ability to develop applications and dynamic content for mobile platforms using appropriate modern languages and available tools;
• have gained knowledge and understanding of usability and accessibility issues within the development of mobile applications.languages and available tools.

My iPhone application is a travel guide for Athens , Greece

Athens In Two Days

• A list with indicative Hotels of Athens, contains information like address, phone and picture of the museum and also the map of the hotel
• The most important museums in Athens with necessary details, such as opening hours, address, phone number, picture of the museum. It has also a map so user can find easily where the museum is.
• Currency converter. Converts euro to any other currency as user has the chance to define the rate between Euro and his/her country’s currency.