Principles of Digital Media

Principles of digital media, a vague and interesting module it is about of digital media as an area of practice, as culture, as an academic discipline, a new human condition, an art field and a set of interlocking structures. It addressed a variety of issues such as digital aesthetics and glitch, new media politics, digital cultures, open source, and software studies.

For the purpose of this module , Students have to do two tasks
Firstly to create a new media artifact, by creating an WordPress site blog, They had to choose between two different styles of WordPress : & They have to modify the theme of WordPress by editing the CSS file , also they must demonstrate their knowledge on Photoshop as they have to add photos Secondly they have to write 2,000 word essay critically addressing development of new media in relation to society and culture. Students could choose a subject from a 7 available topics. I selected the following:” Explain, on the basis of examples, how can a database be seen as the dominating cultural form. What are the specifics, according to Manovich, which differentiate database from the narrative, and what does its rise give to the users/audience today?”

How database can offer new cultural experience.
Database is a new symbolic -or cultural- form; this according to Manovich, who explores how databases can be used and offer new culture experience on narration and cinema.For example: Peter Greenaway was the first film director to conceive the idea of creating all possible films from a single resource. He used numeric and alphabetical systems to store his recording. He adopted the logic of database to create his movies.