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I am a software engineer & designer, I love coding, designing and building nice things on the Internet. My goal is to offer an intuitive user experience not only visually appealing but also functional to people's demands.I have worked in a spectrum of technologies that let me gather a lot and different experiences and knowledge e.g Mobile, Java development and mainframe. I can create a website from scratch, fully functional and engaging, I specialize in manipulating the raw materials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I work also with CMS e.g. WordPress by modifying themes for creating custom blocks and websites.

illustration of Maria Dimitrakarakou: web developer & designer
Black and white photo, depicts a tree and view from the Acropolis site by Maria Dimitrakarakou

Parthenon's west pediment

Web environment for the sculptures of the Parthenon monument's west pediment.
In progress... More >>

Karten von Attica

WebGIS environment for exploring the changes of Attika land (Greece) from the 19th century until nowadays by utilizing the 'Karten von Attica' maps and the OpenStreetMap.
To be continue... More >>

Lia Contoumas' website

Website: Evangelia - Lia Contoumas Laywer, PhD.
Design, development, implementation.
Photo editing. More >>

Solaris hotel's website

Website: Solaris Hotel, Folegandros, Greece
Design, development, implementation.
Redefining Hotel’s logo (adding waves).
Photo editing.
Translation in English. More >>

Refway project

Job search mobile application for refugees
The conceptualization of the Refway project.
Logo design.
Design, development, implementation: Prototype - Website More >>