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With many refugees in Greece, a job search mobile application would be a great tool for refugees to find a proper job in the European labor market. Many of them are very skilled people, who just want to make a new start in a welcoming place. Nobody can feel free without his/her independence and security. Undoubtedly a job offers the opportunity to start over your life again. Many refugees have limited technology materials apart from their smartphones, as most of their valuables are left behind, that's why I strongly believe that a job search mobile application has to address their needs and It may bridge the gap between refugees and employers.


Jobs Opportunities

- Refugees will be able to search, view and apply to jobs.



- They could create a RefWay profile and store their resume, job applications and job lists.


Favorities List

- Save job posts to apply later / or sent them to a friend / or share them through social media


Information & updates

- Keep up to date with the status of your applications



- Reccommendation Find jobs similar to those you have applied.


Be there for you

- Techinical and not only support through then embedded conctact form.

RefWay was born...

How can refugees' living conditions be improved? Can they access reliable information about their legal working status? What opportunities are available for them? How their skills can be exploited? How can populations in transit and local ones come closer and develop an intercultural dialogue?

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#HackTheCamp was comprised of two events:
#MeetTheHackers event on 21-22 October 2016 at Diplareios School, where new ideas were born &

#HackTheCamp event on 2-4 December 2016 at Impact Hub Athens, 9 Hack the Camp finalists have been selected to prototype and present their ideas in order to develop them into a sustainable solution.

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