Parthenon & cultural heritage

Many things have been said about the Parthenon marbles, and Greek youth – and not only passion – about the return of the Parthenon sculptures makes me a bit skeptical

Yes I am a fan of the Parthenon monument, I do not have any objection about the youth passion, do not want to criticize any effort on this goal however this way does not attract me. It make me think if by fighting the reunification of the Parthenon marble we have miss the point, why actually we are asking the Parthenon sculptures back. I believe that it is important, for us, to understand that this is not a matter ownership, Parthenon is is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece. It is a beautiful masterpiece of classical, Greek architecture, it is considered as the symbol of democracy, as it was built when the democratic political system was invented.

When people visit Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum they really realize importance of the Parthenon sculptures’ reunification as they are wondering why all the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon are not here. The Parthenon sculptures’ history e.g Elgin’s action, he saw the frieze blocks to take only the relief parts of the Parthenon frieze’s blocks in order to transfer them “easily”, it is definitely shockingly and make our argument stronger as the Greece was under Ottoman Empire and Greek people have no word on Elgin’s decisions. However, the nationalism that these marbles are “ours” has little to offer on the Parthenon sculptures reunification. The Parthenon sculptures simply are parts of the Parthenon monument and the Parthenon is located in the Acropolis at Athens.

This is not a “war”, we have to “win”. The Parthenon is a universal icon and its sculptures should not be scattered in different museums in the world.

Enjoy and thank you