John Pienaar’s Politics for the Parthenon sculptures

Listen to a part from John Pienaar’s Politics program on BBC Radio 5 (Sunday 16 February) on the issue of the Parthenon sculptures. the actress Dame Janet Suzman spoke about the Parthenon sculptures and why she believes and supports the reunification of the Parthenon sculptures,

she says that the Parthenon building is sitting on top of the Acropolis, the Parthenon – George is not wrong in calling it a Pantheon – it is a sort of Pantheon, a kind of model of what we value in the west”.

She mentioned that “I think the Greeks are right in wanting to complete the artifact that for them is the most important in the world and gives us all our values”. She also believes “They have been a star attraction in the British Museum – we have had them for a long time. I think Boris Johnson understandably wants to put London first in the star stakes, but the Greeks have now built a stunning museum. I’ve seen it. A space waiting for the marbles and it is ‘their’ marbles really. ”


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