Drama International Short Film Festival

Yesterday I heard at Kosmos FM 93.6 Radio station about the 46th edition of the Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF). This year its films are available online, free of charge. I love short films because they have the beauty of storytelling in a short amount of time.

The 46th edition of the Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF) is taking place in September (4-10) in the city of Drama, Greece. It is Greece’s leading short film festival and the annual meeting place for filmmakers and industry professionals. Based in the picturesque city of Drama, the festival is the leading Greek and South-Eastern European gateway to the world’s most prestigious short film awards, and nominated filmmakers qualify for the European Film Awards (EFA).

For all of us that we cannot be there (Drama, Greece) the short films are available online.


Until now I have seen the following.

I was impressed with the Happy, the story of an elephant, and its rights, The Light of Light is great, a monk at Mount Athos reveals to the filmmaker a series of photographs, and photographic plates, taken by another monk many years ago. The monk had found them in empty huts, he cleaned them and restored them. The Short Draft is funny and definitely its end is a riddle. The animations Pirouette, and Nool are touching, the Little Fan shows the value of interactivity.


The elephant in the courtroom


Laura Rindlisbacher

21 minutes, UK, Documentary


Happy is an elephant animal.   Can we (humans) define her as a person?
This is the question of the biggest animal rights case of the 21st century.
The story of a legal case that asks us to rethink our definition of personhood.

Laura Rindlisbacher is a documentary filmmaker from Switzerland. After working in production and casting for several years, she moved to the UK to study Documentary Filmmaking at the NFTS. Her debut film Cargo at the school was nominated for Best UK Short at the LSFF and her graduation film Happy premiered at HotDocs 2023. Laura lives between Zurich and London.


Light of Light


Neritan Zinxhiria

13 minutes, 2023, Greece, Fiction, Documentary, Experimental


Before his death in 1932, a monk created his own camera in one of the most isolated places in the world. Ninety years later, a filmmaker discovers and reconstructs the found footage.




Ciara Borgards

3 minutes, 2023, Germany, Animation


A metal ballerina is on a turning platform supported by a frame inside a music box. Suddenly, her support breaks, her music box closes and she finds herself in a strange world. The film shows how misfortune can be the necessary force to transform our lives for the better.


Little Fan


Sveta Yuferova

6 minutes, 2023, Germany, Animation


As Little Fan explores the table, he encounters an object, which brings new challenges.




May Grosman

8 minutes, 2022, Israel, Animation


Nool is a young Macaque living at an Israeli zoo at the height of a military conflict. One night, mesmerized by the wondrous glow of rockets painting the sky, the curious monkey slips out of her cage for a better view, and in one fateful moment, her world changes forever.


Short Draft


Spiridon Papapirou

23 minutes, 2022, Greece, Fiction


A taxi driver is taken hostage by a man, at gunpoint, when he refuses to drive him where he wants. On a ride where everything goes awry and no one is what they seem, a girl will change their path; yet the path will remain a riddle, even to the film’s heroes.


L’Acqua che Passa – Deep Sea


Kallia Papadaki


Nicos takes his son on a weekend getaway on his boat, far from his petulant wife and their recent divorce. However, he has his own share of responsibility in the roaring collapse of their marriage; and an idyllic landscape is always fraught with risks.




Nikolas Kouloglou

20 minutes, 2023, Greece, Fiction


Penny and James meet again for the first time at the supermarket.

Nikolas Kouloglou was born in Athens, Greece (1989), and undertook Film Studies in Los Angeles (U.S.C.) and Athens. He has worked as a director, copywriter, and voice actor for commercial films, as well as an assistant director in cinema. His first two feature films as a writer are currently in development, in addition to a period drama mini-series for domestic and international distribution. Super (2023) is Nikolas’s debut short.


More at the DISFF’S website https://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/en/


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