Happy #GreekDinner people

Time flies and the 3rd #GreekDinner is a fact, a great opportunity to celebrate the best of Greek culture, heritage, cuisine, arts, and business in all corners of the world, as Keri Douglas mentioned.

Meet nice, interested people around the world, share ideas, plans, thoughts & of course nice Greek recipes 🙂

Mosaic desert

Easy, delicious Greek dessert.(especially for those who love chocolate)


Mixture 1
• 200 g. black chocolate
• 150 g. fresh cream 35% fat

Mixture 2
• 250 g. butter (outside of frieze)
• 100 g. powdered sugar
• 5 tb.sp cognac
• 50 g. cocoa
• 275 g. petit-beurre biscuits lightly crushed


Start with the mixture 1

• In a bowl, put the chocolate broken into small pieces and add the fresh cream.
• Cover with a film and put it in the microwave for 1 minute at 700 watts.
• Mix the cream with chocolate until a good thick chocolate cream will be created.
• Leave it for about 10-30 minutes (This mixture must not be hot as it will melt the butter).

Mixture 2

• In the bow add the icing sugar, cocoa, and butter. Mix them well with a mixer.
• Add the mixture 1 to the bow
• Break the cookies in the middle (without mincing them).
• Add them to the bowl.
• Put the final mixture into a baking sheet.
• Wrap it; Create a shape like candy.
• Put in the freezer for -at least- 2 hours.


Mine is already on the frieze ☺

Happy #GreekDinner people

P.S: Please let me know… what do you think? Thank you 🙂

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