30 years ago… Euro-basket 1987


Mascot of Euro-basket 1987,


30 years ago… 14 of June 1987

The 1987 European Championship, was the 25th FIBA EuroBasket basketball championship, held by FIBA Europe. It was held in Greece between 3 and 14 June 1987. Twelve national teams participated in this event. It took place in the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Greece was the hosting venue of the tournament. Greece won its first FIBA European title by defeating the Soviet Union, with a 103–101 score in a gripping final decided in overtime.

30 years ago in 1987, the Greek National Basketball Team wrote its own history by winning the Euro-basket.

A whole generation was proud and all of us, who were lucky enough to remember this -even if we were young kids-, felt that we can change our future if we work hard and together. It is true that Greek sports have changed since then.
80’s generation was marked by this fact, this brought many positive effects in Greek athletic games since then

We finally believed that we can achieve our goals.

The magic of Athletic games

It is worth seeing yesterday’s TV broadcast “Stories” (in Greek). Date 13/06/2017 (Second par


Mr Pavlos Tsimas journalist presents the unknown stories of the historical Greek basketball success to win European basketball championship in 1987 .Playes of that team: Panagiotis Giannakis, Panagiotis Fasoulas, Argyris Kambouris, Nikos Filippou, Costas Politis and George Vasilakopoulos return, 30 years later to the SEF stadium, where the Eurobasket 1987 took place, they recount how this team made the impossible and talk about what is the footprint of this historic success.

Video of the final minutes from the final game Greece – USSR 103-101

Song: Fatme – Πρωταθλητές 1988
Lyrics / Music: Nikos Portokaloglou

It was an inspiration for all of us … this feeling was beautifully described in Nikos Portokaloglou’s song…

T.V Intro spot of Euro-basket 1987
The animated short film (0:42min color) was created by Giannis Georgiou.



  1. says:

    June 15, 2017 at 5:19 am

    … πήγαινα τρίτη γυμνασίου. Έμενα ( όπως και ακόμη μένω) στη Νέα Σμύρνη και η πλατεία είχε αποκτήσει τάφρο από τις πολλές φορές που τη φέρναμε βόλτα για να βλέπουμε από μακριά το Φάνη Χριστοδούλου(Πανιώνιος) και τα άλλα παιδιά, που πίνανε τον καφέ τους εκεί, στου “Γιώργου”. … Οι Νεοσμυρνιώτισσες συνομήλικες με καταλαβαίνουν!!!

    • says:

      June 15, 2017 at 5:57 am

      Τι ωραια ιστορία….

      Αχ αυτος ο Χριστοδούλου… τι καρδιές ειψε κάψει…

      Μετα από δύο χρόνια… 1989.. θυμάμαι εμένα και μια φίλη μου στην ταρατσα του σπιτιού της -από το πρωί του τελικού Γιουκοσλαβια – Ελλάδα…
      να φτιάχνουμε πανό να το κρεμάσουμε το βράδυ στο μπαλκόνι για τον αγώνα…

      Προετοιμασία όχι αστεία 🙂 🙂

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